Saturday, July 3, 2010


I believe it's time to discuss my novel...even if just slightly. I mean, you're following my blog to watch me head into the world of writing and publishing novels, right? My novels. So, it would only be fair if you knew a little about my book.

So, uh, I'll start by telling you it's fiction. :) And, because it's all I read and I think it's amazing, it's young adult. I'd categorize it as an action/adventure novel. It has fantastic good guys and maniacal bad guys. I'm planning it to be the first in a series. And the title? Well, it's up in the air right now, though I do think I've got one that should stick.

The reason I'm being so vague is simply because I like to keep my projects under wraps until it's truly allowed to be seen/read/whatever. But be positive about it and know that it'll amp up the surprise-factor. ;)

Well, that's it for today. Not much is happening. Just relaxing. Editing my book. A typical day for me. :)

Oh yeah, I slightly changed the look of the blog. Like it?


  1. I just got one question...any romance? ha!ha im sure it wont change my opinion on the idea but im just wondering :0)...your blog l00ks awesome! I recently switched up EVERYTHING in mine ha!ha Keep bloggin your g00d @ it!!!!!!

  2. Thanks! :) And yep, there's definitely some romance in it! I forgot to add that... But now you know!