Friday, August 27, 2010

Voice, Voice, Voice...

Voice. For any writers out there (which I believe I can safely assume is everyone reading this), this word probably haunts you. In your sleep. On your computer. In your head.

So, what is voice??? Well, it's the fancy little noise that comes out of our mouth when you and I talk...duh!

Well, yeah. But, to agents, editors, and everyone else in the book business, it's SO much more than that.

I've been reading A LOT about voice lately, and I've come to find it's not really something you can just master. It's something you yourself have to grow and develop, blossom and create. And while it might not always be easy, it certainly pays off in the end.

A good way to tell if particular authors have good voice in their work is by simply reading something random and attempting to figure out who the author is. If you can guess the author right off the bat, chances are it's because you're familiar with the voice they use in their work. If you can't tell who the author is, (granted, this experiment only works if you've read multiple novels by a single author, so you come to know their voice), chances are the voice of their character, of their manuscript, of them as an author, didn't come through.

There's no need to worry, though. If you're just starting, have been writing for years and years, or are even in the middle, it's okay if your voice doesn't come through right away.

You're probably asking yourself, "Well, how in the world do I know if the voice in my manuscript is coming through?" While there's not really a hard and fast answer to this question, you can most definitely find out by joining critique groups, sending out queries (if your work is done, of course), and perhaps venturing to writers' conferences and meeting agents and editors. If you're able to pitch your work to them, they may give you advice on your voice.

So, that's my little lesson for today, though I'm sure all of you already knew all about voice. :) Now, onto the random stuff............

I started reading MOCKINGJAY!!! It's fantastic, and barreling toward what I'm sure will be a spectacular finale to THE HUNGER GAMES! (I'll do a post about the entire trilogy once I finish it. And, because I'm opposed to spoilers, it'll be a completely SPOILER-FREE post.) =]

Hmmm. What else? Ah, yes. I'm still reading THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO (though MOCKINGJAY kinda shoved it aside for a little bit). And it's still totally captivating, and amazing, and stunning, and glorious...

And yep, still querying. Still researching agents, still reading blogs, still doing what I love to do, which of course is WRITE! :)

So, that ends my post for today. Let me think of a clever question to end with (I love reading all of the answers and responses from you guys!)...

Oh, I got it. (Warning: this question has NOTHING to do with writing.) Are any of you guys tired with this whole "3D era" we're going through? Honestly, it seems like EVERY. SINGLE. MOVIE that's come out in the past or is coming out has been in 3D.

Leave your thoughts below!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

PageToFame, Girl With Dragon Tattoo, and More TV

Hey guys. :)

So, I admit, I haven't really had anything to blog about, which is most definitely why I haven't posted since, last post. But thankfully, that's changed. At least for today.

First and foremost, I wanted to bring up a fantastic website I've blogged about just once (I think): WEbook! And, on WEbook, is PageToFame, something I've utilized four times now, and something that I really think will help me (and possibly you, too!) with my novel.

WEbook, if you're wondering, is a website where writers, readers, or anyone else, really, can post work, receive feedback on said work, give feedback on others' work, participate in writing competitions, obtain help (like what to do when you have writer's block), and much more. It's home to the PageToFame competition, where you post your first page of either a "Short" (short story, poem, etc.), or a novel. For me, I'm a full-length novel writer, so I've posted the first page of my main story in addition to another story that's in development (your whole book doesn't have to be done to do this). From there, others with accounts on the site can rate your first pages on a scale from 1 to 5, 1 obviously being the lowest (lousy) and 5 being the highest (heavenly). There are 3 rounds, and if you receive good enough ratings, your 1st page is elevated to round 2, where you post your first 5 pages, and lastly, round 3, where you post the first 50 pages. Best part is, participating literary agents read your work each time you're elevated!

Phew. That was a big block of words. :)

Anyway, here's the link: http://http//

So, that's that. Now, onto something veeeeeery interesting...

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, by Stieg Larsson!

I just started this one today, and must say I'm completely sucked in! I've heard amazing things about this thriller, and have learned the U.S. is coming out with the theatrical version in the next year or so (already insanely excited)! In fact, a huge character in the novel, Lisbeth Salander, has been chosen to be played by Rooney Mara. (The Swedish films had Salander played by Noomi Rapace.) So, I simply wanted to say I started it (anyone already read it?). I'll definitely be checking out the movie when it flies into theaters!

Movies relate to TV, and for my last little discussion, I wanted to talk about a very favorite show of mine... (Nice transitional sentence, right?)

Saturday Night Live!

This show... What can be said??? It's amazing, hilarious, has a mind-blowing cast... Did I mention hilarious? I did? Oh well. Hilarious, hilarious, hilarious...

I'm pretty sure you've all seen and/or heard of this show, but still... I just wanted to bring it up because I just watched a reran episode a few days ago, and I was completely laughing out loud!

Ah, the joys of television... =D

Well, I'd say that's it for now. Nothing new with the novel. Oh wait, there is some news, actually. I got another rejection from a query I sent over a month ago. It was sad, but I'm totally fine with it. :) Rejection #30, I believe...

So, that's it for now!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Thoughts on TV =)

So, I got to thinking today... Why is it that so many people are attracted to shows like The Real World and Jersey Shore on MTV? Yeah, I admit, I really, really enjoy watching The Real World, but honestly, why? It's almost like a waste of time, watching strangers live in a house together, with tons of drama, alcohol, violence, cops, etc... But even I can't stop watching it.

I simply decided to blog a little about what's swirling around in my head, for no particular reason. Do any of you guys have favorite shows on TV? I wouldn't really say The Real World is a favorite of mine; I only felt like blogging about it because I watched the newest episode a few nights ago. :)

Hmmm. And, as the TV's flipped on right now as I type this, The Hills is on. MTV seems to be popular. ;)

In book news, I've been mulling over the first few chapters of my novel, just wondering if they're, for lack of a better word, good enough. So, I've been testing myself by writing some fake little first chapters, just to see what could possibly work should I receive a critique or just feel that the first chapter or two needs a rewrite. It's actually easier than I thought, because, as any writers out there know, writing is definitely NOT an easy thing to do, by any means.

Hopefully I soon receive a partial request from an agent. Thankfully, I had my query critiqued, and I think it's totally amazing right now. So, we'll see...

So, favorite shows??? For me, it's all over the place. I LOVE Discovery Channel (especially Shark Week, which is sadly coming to an end tomorrow), Travel Channel (Samantha Brown, anyone?), and Full House. C'mon, who doesn't like Full House?

Well, that's it for now. I think I'll watch the final days of Shark Week :( and maybe do a little more test rewrites. :D