Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Good Feeling

So, let's see... I sent out a query on the eighth of July, I believe (I'm pretty sure it was on the eighth, but my e-mail seems to disagree with me). A query that I truly believe was my best yet. But I didn't just pull it out of my head. I'm not sure I could write a masterful query like that so quickly. I had help, of course. Help from the very agent I sent to. Because thankfully, she posted (on her amazingly helpful blog) the query letter from one of her current clients, and wrote a little below it as to why it worked so well.

So, I used that query to structure my query, and I honestly feel it came out almost perfectly; I'm stressing almost because I know there will probably never be a perfect query letter, and just because I think it's perfect doesn't mean it actually is.

Nonetheless, I simply think my query rocked.

Therefore, I have a really good feeling about where this little agent relationship may go. Then again, I can't get too overzealous about it. It may swing back and whack me in the face. Which, obviously, wouldn't be good.

But yeah, I have a really good feeling about my query, and where it may take me. Just cross your fingers for me. :)

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