Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Random Factoids!

Let me first say this is for no particular reason, save for my current boredom and my attempt to keep up with my blog and get back into the "swing of things."  Basically, I wanted to spice things up and do something fun.  Enjoy! 

In no particular order... 
  1. I really REALLY want to learn how to play the piano.  It's my favorite instrument.  Sometimes I just sit and blast Beethoven and Mozart, among others, when I need inspiration or a good jolt of stunning talent. 
  2. Today is apparently the Oreo cookie's 100th birthday!  Happy Birthday Oreo!  :)  
  3. I've recently found myself stalking the twitters of celebrities.  
  4. My favorite season is summer!  :)  
  5. I used to watch American Idol, but after Simon left I basically stopped watching it (I'll catch a few episodes here and there).  
  6. I think it'd be so cool to be in an animated movie.  
  7. I'm SO EXCITED for THE HUNGER GAMES!  March 23rd is coming quick!  Woohoo!  =D  
  8. You should all play Rummikub, the board game that's not really a board game, but it's in a board game box, so I call it a board game.  
  9. And, on that note, Catch Phrase.  
  10. The show Impractical Jokers is hilarious!  Check it out if you haven't.  
And that's all.  Have a fantastic day, and write on!  :)   

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Prose vs. Verse

I'm here, and I'm writing.  :)  Writing this post, of course, and loads of other works tucked away (poetry, prose, short stories and verse novels, among seemingly a million other things I just can't shake away or write fast enough).  Which is a definite blessing, and also a bit of an obstacle.  Now, I know there's no excuse for not updating the blog as regularly as I should be, and honestly, these hi-I'm-here-and-apologizing-yet-making-excuses-of-why-I'm-not-blogging-as-often-as-I-should-be posts are probably starting to annoy you just as much as they're annoying me.  But, of course, I'd rather be writing and plowing away at my dreams than updating you all on my menial life, which I assure you nobody would want to read about.  That and I'm at a loss for new posts...   

...Until now!  *cue applause and balloons releasing into the air*

Prose vs. verse. 

Which do you prefer?  Do you guys even prefer one over the other?  I like prose better, and like writing prose better (I feel you have to know how to write poetry--and thus verse novels--rather than just jump into them; essentially, I feel it's an inherent skill), but have no problem reading verse and occasionally attempting it.  Now, I know I'm no Shakespeare or Hopkins (yes, those two authors are very much in the same sentence, because they're both brilliant in their own ways and are both well-known poets), but can still have fun trying to put words together in succinct and flowing ways. 

I guess it's all just a matter of opinion.

So, do you guys like to read one or the other?  Don't mind?  In all honesty, I didn't even know verse novels existed until a few years ago, when I saw someone reading Ellen Hopkins's BURNED.  I fell in love with the cover and quickly got myself a copy--only to open it up and see the words in this bizarre new format (fantastic book, by the way). 


I suppose
the debate
will forever
go on.