Monday, November 29, 2010

What Inspires YOU?

I got to thinking today...what inspires me? What catapults me to the computer, flings my fingers across the keys, and dazzles my own mind with (hopefully) a fantastic story?

Ah, the wonders of inspiration...

For me, one major thing that inspires me is simply reading success stories. Sure, they're not all Stephenie Meyer success stories, but they're successes nonetheless; oftentimes the ones that resonate with me the most are actually the little ones. Those are the ones that make ME want to jump up and down with the author and celebrate their success.

Additionally, I have a little obsession with watching book signing videos all over, whether it be on author websites, YouTube, or other blogs. Seeing an author out there, signing their book(s), meeting new faces/fans (hopefully the latter), and just being happy naturally makes me happy, and makes me want to make it to that point of being a known writer. All in all, it makes me happy to watch the author be happy that something they created is out there in the world, and people can sit down and truly enjoy it.

That's what inspires me.

Now, what about YOU? I'd love to hear your responses! :)

With that, I sign off. Write on!


  1. I enjoy success stories, but seeing as how the local writing group, of which I'm a member, spends a half hour to forty-five minutes on a success session at each meeting, I kind of get successed-out by hearing everyone's little success. The ones that truly amaze me, and are more likely to inspire me, are the amazing ones that come out of left field. We all have little ones, but what about the little guy that hits upon a truly amazing deal? Yeah, that's what I'm talking about!

    Now, go out and get a great success story!

  2. Hi Miles, when I was working I read and was inspired by success stories too. Now inspiration hits me when I'm reading blogs (like I'm reading yours now..:))and may find myself doing a post soon after. Inspiration also hits me at most unlikely moments, like when I'm looking at my flowering trees, or even when I'm cooking...for those are quiet moments

  3. Inspiration can hit me from anywhere, but going to signings definitely helps me. It's amazing to see the joy of an author finally making it that far. Hopefully you and I will be there someday too.