Saturday, November 20, 2010


There's no other word to describe what I just recently saw. WOW.

I've taken a few weeks off from the blog, and I sincerely apologize. Time flies too fast, and suddenly what feels like a just-posted post is ages old. But I'm back, and for good reason, because I just saw HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART 1!!! :D (Cue applause.)

So, yeah, that's why I felt the title of this post could be aptly summed up in that one single syllable word that so completely wraps up how I felt about this movie. WOW.

It. Was. Fantastic. Arggghhh! I just wish part 2 would be out already! I'm a Potter fanatic, so I was clenching my fists in anger (yet complete happiness, because the movie was truly spectacular) when it ended. They left us hanging, I tell you. Left us all hanging... (unless you've read the books, but even still...)

Any of you Potter fans? I'd hope so. I still find myself constantly awestruck at how Ms. Rowling could come up with such a beautiful world we "muggles" can immerse ourselves in for periods of time. It's simply stunning.

Alas, I didn't get to see it last night at midnight, but still, I got to see it in its first 24 hours of release. I think I may even see it again...

With that, I say goodnight (I'm tired, yet energized from the movie; does that make any sense?). Definitely go check it out and here's to hoping it completely and utterly shatters records! :)

I'd also like to take this moment and welcome my new followers to An Author's Quest. Thanks for following!

With that, I end this simple, terribly amazing blog post, and as always... Write on!


  1. My son and I went to see it last night as well and I agree...WONDERFUL!

  2. Saw it with my boys last night on the IMAX screen - it was absolutely amazing (the screen AND the movie!!!).

  3. Everyone is raving about this, I'd better make some plans to go see it. I'm just excited to be going to see Cirque de Soleil tomorrow. I'll get in Harry Potter mode after that. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  4. I can't wait to go see it! BUT I have to finish re-reading the series first, as I can hardly remember anything about the Deathly Hallows book. That's because I practically swallowed it whole. Lucky for me, I'm 2/3 finished with the 6th book now, so I should be able to go this coming weekend.

  5. STILL haven't seen it. Sessions have been booked out everywhere from what I can see. It's a world craze...

  6. YES! I love HP - not because it's perfect (because I do think it's flawed) but because it's brilliant that she's got all these people reading and made it cool to write for children. My son grew up with it and so it's something we've always shared so it's very special to us.

    I saw the film on Sunday... I was sad they cut it into two but there were some very funny scenes in it so I forgive them.

  7. Completely agree, Jenny! :) There were some moments during the film that had the entire theater laughing!

    Adina, I hope you get to see it soon! =)