Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Little Break...

Yes, I've been slacking a bit on the least in terms of new posts. I've still been checking up on it every day and keeping up with my favorite blogs of mine to see what everyone's got churning. :)

These crazy holidays provide ample time to do many, many things--one of which, I'm happy to say, is writing. Unfortunately, that ample time--the rest that isn't being consumed by my writing--equals tons of oppurtunity to do those trillions of other things the holidays so effortlessly shove into our lives. Which is why this will probably be my last post for a week or two, or at least until 2011 (CAN'T believe I'm saying that already...didn't we just celebrate 2010???).

I just wanted to pop back in and let you know I didn't abandon you all. :) Trust me, that won't be happening.

With that, I end this post; I believe I'm now ready to head into the tumultuous world of the holidays (as if I haven't already!) and gear up for a perfect holiday with everyone I love while preparing for an awesome new year.

Good luck with all your writings, and a very happy holidays to each and every one of you! :)


  1. Unfortunately this holiday has provided me with the opposite of ample time for writing. Instead there are plans for just about every day with family members and friends!

    Happy holidays, happy Christmas, happy new year :-)

  2. Miles, good of you to let us know, otherwise we may be wondering...

    Have a great holiday and best wishes for a Merry Christmas :)

  3. Yes, this year has sped by. Aack! Happy holidays to you, too!

  4. Thanks, have a wonderful time! Carole

  5. Miles, have a great holiday! Most people will be rather sporadic over this time, which is as it should be!

  6. Happy holidays to you too, Miles! And yes, this year flew by.