Monday, September 13, 2010

Me, The Slacker

Yes, I admit, I've been slacking with the blog. And I apologize.

It's been quite some time since my last blog post, the one about "voice" in writing (which was met with quite a few amazingly nice comments; you guys all made me smile!). And now I find myself sitting here, realizing I should be updating my blog a little more than I have been since I began blogging seemingly yesterday.

Today, my post is going to be about my dog. :) I felt the need to introduce you all to her...

Her name's Ruby, and she's literally the best dog on the planet (well, maybe I'm a little biased; I'm pretty sure everyone says that about their respective pets)! :) She's a Bichon Frise and is five years old, being an October-born dog! She's SO cute, and is occasionally garbed in scarves (the picture may be a pretty good giveaway) and little bandanas.

Hmmm. What else? Well, for one, she thinks she's a human. Like, literally. She lays her head on the pillows of the couch and the bed when she sleeps (again, the picture is a pretty good reference) =D and always wants to go for a ride in the car. (Well, doesn't every dog like to do that???) ;)

Also, I've found that some dogs go terribly crazy during thunderstorms; not Ruby. She just trots around, totally oblivious to the fact that crazy, electric bolts (my vocabulary's left my brain for some unexplainable reason; it's temporary, I'm certain) are shooting around in the sky. It's actually pretty funny. :)

So, I think that about wraps up the little section about Ruby. No, wait. One more thing (if you've gotten this far in this insanely pointless post)...

She's OBSESSED with her dog treats. Like, every-five-seconds-you-look-and-she's-back-again-begging-for-another obsessed. The vets have said she's a little overweight and to cut down on the treats, too. That's how obsessed she is. (How can I resist her dog face, though? You're right. I can't.) =]

What else, what else...

Oh, yeah. On srjohannes's blog Market My Words (one of my absolute favorite blogs EVER), srjohanness herself (aka Shelli), is hosting an agent contest with the fantastic Sarah LaPolla from Curtis Brown, Ltd. The contest won't be held until tomorrow at 9amEST, but you should still definitely check it out. (Hint hint: the contest involves a paragraph pitch of no more than four sentences.)

In short, an amazing oppurtunity that shouldn't, by any means, be missed! I'm entering, too! :) And don't worry if Sarah doesn't represent the book you're writing; Shelli constantly hosts agent contests with various agents, so you just need to keep checking to see which agent is up and, if you're lucky, it may be the agent for you!

So, I suppose that ends my slacking/apology/dog/writing post. Certainly more to come (I'm not leaving you guys when you constantly make my day)! =)

Until then, happy writing!

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