Monday, November 7, 2011

A Bit O' Inspiration

I'd like to take this moment and say sorry for not keeping up with the blog (since my last post was what, August???).  Though I'm certain you all have vastly interesting lives, and actual things to do other than read my blog, for the times you did drop in to see if a new post was up, I firstly want to thank you, and also extend my apologies for not having posted in quite some time and not having anything up for you to read.  I always tell myself I'll get better, I'll post more...but alas.  Perhaps some of you have good ways to avoid procrastination?  (Though the obvious, most blatant tip is JUST DO IT.)  Because seriously, I'll take anything.


Moving away from the somberness of the above paragraph, I thought I'd post a link to a video I found SO funny, SO inspirational...just so APPLICABLE to us dedicated, can't-do-anything-but-write writers out there, editing, writing, thinking...just going through the process of writing the book. 

It's from the amazing, the sprightly, the fabulous K.M. Walton, whose debut contemporary novel CRACKED hits stores January 3rd, 2012!  She did a parody of the song "Billionaire" by Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars--with a writer twist--and it's just downright, hilariously incredible (not to mention heaps of inspirational). 

Here's the link:  Enjoy!  And remember, never give up! 

Write on! 

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