Monday, July 11, 2011

In Which I Blab About Harry Potter

So, anyone else terrifically excited for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2?  I know I am!  And I'm like, SO very excited, because, for the first time, I'm going to the midnight premiere!  I'm completely psyched, and cannot wait!  The movie's going to be completely EPIC (I mean, did you see the trailer???).   

So, anyone else been to a Harry Potter midnight premiere?  I'm a little unsure of what time to get there.  We were thinking 9 but that seems almost too late to me...I've looked it up on Google, and a lot of people were saying to get to your theater at 2 or 3, or sometimes even earlier (unless you live in a small town...which, we don't).  So, if anyone could give any suggestions, that'd be great.  :)  Also, do people dress up?  I suppose if you're a true Potter fan you do, but I'm not so sure I want to (and I don't even know who I'd go as!).  =P  I guess we'll see...

Well, that's about it.  On a random note, I'm like completely in love with Stephen King's stuff.  I'm only about halfway through my first novel of his, and I've already bought another...and I'm just totally blown away.  No wonder everyone praises him so much.  :)  Certainly a writer all aspiring writers should look up to...

And now, I post one of the trailers for the amazing, the epic, the LAST of them all: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 (can't believe this is it already--sob face) and watch it a trillion times and get all jittery and crazy...  =D 



  1. I'll be there at midnight to see Harry Potter. It'll be my third time going to a Harry Potter midnight premiere. My sister and I are dressing up a little bit for it. We already have tickets.

    I'm not sure how soon you need to get there. Last year in our town, we got there around 11 PM. The line was behind the movie theater, but they waited until everyone who had tickets got in and seated before they started the movie. We plan to get there around 10:30 PM this year, and I don't think it'll be a problem, since they don't let people in until after 11 anyway. Then again, if you don't have tickets already, it could be well as how many theaters in your area are having the movie.

    Oh, which Stephen King book are you currently reading?

  2. You'll have a great time at the midnight premiere. Every single person there is a huge fan so it create a great energy that I just love. Some people dress up, some don't. I don't go full out but you can definitely tell I'm a fan.

    I've gone to a midnight premiere for every single Harry Potter movie. It's a tradition my sister and I have. I don't know your specific area and how crazy the HP fans are, but last year, for Part One, we arrived at the theater at 8pm and the line was already out the door. I'm trying to convince my sister we need to get there by 7pm at the latest this year because I want good seats.


  3. Thanks for the suggestions! I'll run it by my group, and we'll see what works out best for us. And yes, we already have our tickets. Sorry if I didn't mention that in my post. :P

    Cherie - I'm currently reading Under the Dome. It's like, totally massive, though if you've seen it that's pretty obvious. And I'm about halfway through it, as said, and I'm just floored by how great it is. The cast is colossal, and I'm amazed that Mr. King can so perfectly capture everyone's personalities, without it seeming like they're blending together. I bought one of his earlier novels, Christine, a week or so ago, and I'm really excited to read it after UTD! :)

    M.J. - That's great! I'm glad I'm at least getting to go to ONE midnight premiere, though of course it's bittersweet since it's the last one. :) And I'd imagine the fans are crazy here, since like everyone I know is planning on going too.

    Thanks again!

  4. Sounds so exciting to be able to do this. Very envious.