Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Elusive Writer's Block

Yes, I have a pretty bad case of writer's block at the moment. Is it angering? Of course. But we can deal with it. Heck, it happens to all of us, whether we like it or not.

For me, I deal with it by taking a walk, or watching TV. Sometimes, I even play Minesweeper on my computer. (If you don't know what Minesweeper is, I'd say you're missing out--then again, I think I have a slight addiction, so I'm probably a little biased.) Oddly enough, that game somehow gets me back to my stories, and helps my ideas flow. It's weird.

Occasionally, I'll simply read, and get lost in another story; that sometimes helps me deal with the writer's block, too.

So, what helps you get untangled from the inevitable phenomena called writer's block? Reading? Walking? Watching TV? Playing Minesweeper? (Maybe I'm alone on that one.) I'd love to hear your thoughts! (Maybe some of you will give me some new ways to deal with it!) :)


  1. Going for a run/walk and intense music. For my current trilogy which focuses on four female leads I love Evanescence for Amy Lee's vocals - just gives me shudders *grin* in a good way!

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  2. I play a rousing game of what if for my story and I imagine the most outrageous scenarios. Maybe a giant alligator leaps out of the pond and chomps on the villain. Once I've had a good laugh, I go do something else. It isn't long before the story finds me again.

  3. I love minesweeper. And going out and doing something-- even a spin around the block-- helps get the muse going again. If not, I go round a couple more times. ;)

  4. Getting outside and walking. Or mindless stuff around the house. :)

  5. ALMOST every day I have to do a SUDOKU before I write. It turns off the reality of my day. I don't actually believe in writer's block exactly, but sometimes the frame of mind is wrong for wordcount progress on the WiP. I either PLOT--give my high points of the next few chapters, or I writes something ELSE (I have a couple fanfiction stories still running that I don't have nearly as much invested in and one of them is OUTRAGEOUSLY silly)