Saturday, August 7, 2010

Thoughts on TV =)

So, I got to thinking today... Why is it that so many people are attracted to shows like The Real World and Jersey Shore on MTV? Yeah, I admit, I really, really enjoy watching The Real World, but honestly, why? It's almost like a waste of time, watching strangers live in a house together, with tons of drama, alcohol, violence, cops, etc... But even I can't stop watching it.

I simply decided to blog a little about what's swirling around in my head, for no particular reason. Do any of you guys have favorite shows on TV? I wouldn't really say The Real World is a favorite of mine; I only felt like blogging about it because I watched the newest episode a few nights ago. :)

Hmmm. And, as the TV's flipped on right now as I type this, The Hills is on. MTV seems to be popular. ;)

In book news, I've been mulling over the first few chapters of my novel, just wondering if they're, for lack of a better word, good enough. So, I've been testing myself by writing some fake little first chapters, just to see what could possibly work should I receive a critique or just feel that the first chapter or two needs a rewrite. It's actually easier than I thought, because, as any writers out there know, writing is definitely NOT an easy thing to do, by any means.

Hopefully I soon receive a partial request from an agent. Thankfully, I had my query critiqued, and I think it's totally amazing right now. So, we'll see...

So, favorite shows??? For me, it's all over the place. I LOVE Discovery Channel (especially Shark Week, which is sadly coming to an end tomorrow), Travel Channel (Samantha Brown, anyone?), and Full House. C'mon, who doesn't like Full House?

Well, that's it for now. I think I'll watch the final days of Shark Week :( and maybe do a little more test rewrites. :D


  1. I really enjoyed the Real Housewives of New York - that was an eye opener

  2. I like a lot of reality TV like Survivor, and The Amazing Race. My new favorite show is "Last Chance Highway" on Animal Planet about this totally amazing woman who rescues dogs and guy who transports them to loving homes in the North East. Gotta love that!